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     My name is Richard Bruce. I have been a special education teacher for nearly thirty years and I can honestly say without any hesitation that Tech4Everyone is a very valuable teaching tool for our student population. Tech4Everyone does not only incorporate all the subject areas, including math, reading, spelling, writing, and art, it does so in a very exciting and auditory presentation.


Tech4Everyone has programs that allow the students to interact through a remarkable device called the touch screen. By placing their hands on the touch screen, students are able to control the computer mouse and thus the computer. By giving our students control it gives them a sense of freedom and true accomplishment.


I truly love Tech4Everyone and I know you will too.”


Richard Bruce


“I am very impressed with the complete package that you have developed. You have done exactly what educators need to have in their classroom.”


Jeannette Van Houten

Special Ed. Teacher / Coordinator of the Technology Lending Center

The “Tech4Everyone” programs follow a precise developmental break down of necessary prerequisite skills to enhance and support language and cognitive skills.  It utilizes consistency, repetition and reinforcement strategies across all computer programs while fostering generalization of classroom skills.


Cheryl Bakst

Special Education Teacher



We are thrilled with the Tech4Everyone technology it has made a tremendous impact on individual progress. The kids as well as the teachers absolutely love them.


Carol Verdi

VP Educational Services HeartShare




This is the best thing that happened to our class… Our students learned to work with each other and made great strides socially and academically…”


Success Stories


We have a 16 year old autistic boy who has been in home instruction for  many years.  He had shown no interest in anything that we tried.  Although, we tried our best, he was impossible to reach. Last year, we introduced the Tech4Everyone Enabler computer and the response was amazing.  The interest in learning from this station and the strides that he has made has been truly unbelievable – it made such an impact that the mother wants to purchase this station for the home as well.  



We have a 13 year old, very bright, very physically disabled student.

She can’t move. When her teacher brought  the Tech4Everyone Enabler computer to her – he found ways to connect to her. a thinking process for her to learn. She found her passion to write through the T4E bookmaker. In her condition, she would tell her teacher exactly what to

write and which pictures to use.   

The Tech4Everyone™ station opened up a world of creativity and

expression in this young teenager’s life. Through this station, this

student was able to improve to the level where she was on grade level

and able to take the ELA test (state mandatory test) and successfully

pass. The Tech4Everyone™ station has become an essential tool in our

educational strategy  for the home student.


Sandra Ledesma

Principal, Home Instruction




As I began using the Tech4Everyone™ Enabler computer station with my students a whole new world opened up.... Now, I am able to know what she likes and enjoys. It is now easier for her to communicate her thoughts.  The variety of activities that are there…. The sounds, the pictures, the voices…. I think back to those days prior  to using the Tech4Everyone computer station. She used to be flat, very little response. Now she laughs, enjoys activities.. she is a different person.